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Oak hospitality is a rising boutique hotel management and hotel chain company with a focus on bespoke swadeshi hospitality services. We cater to a variety of hospitality needs including maximising revenue and customising management. With a team of industry stalwarts who among them have decades of expertise, Oak strives to implement an integrated community-driven approach. Revamping heritage, celebrating hospitality, and mastering tea tourism, all while valuing people, experiences and growth, are some of our goals. As a brand we stand for just, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable practices.

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Damdim Tea Residency is a boutique tea bungalow located in the Dooars region of West Bengal. Here, one can can experience tea like never before, starting right from the tea-bush to the cup.

In this video, our guests, Sayak Dasgupta and Gayatri Verma share their experience at the residency.

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